Only Hot Mamas Have Sweet & Sour Friends

Adulthood can really suck. Not only are you expected to be responsible and have it all together, but terrible things can happen like your husband cheats and you have to raise a kid together. How is that even real? But know what doesn’t suck? Having awesome friends that can you get you through the hard times and celebrate the good times, like your new budding stand-up career. Check out this fantastic episode of Sweet and Sour Chicks created by and starring Kiki Yeung and then watch the rest of season 1 here!

WhoHaha is a place for women+ to come together and create hilarious works! Our community allows filmmakers to source women+ crew and talent through our Collabs. In honor of the community coming together, we are featuring this episode as part of our new series, Powered by WhoHaha Creators. Sweet and Sour Chicks hired WhoHaha Community member Dana Shihadah to be the director of photography and had the project filmed by WhoHaha Community member Alyssa Renzi.

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