Groundlings Week: Cheryl Hines

We’re so excited for this week’s premier of TV Land’s hilarious new comedy series nobodies, we’re celebrating some of its guest stars (and former Groundlings members) with a playlist each day. 

Cheryl Hines wears a lot of hats. She’s an phenomenal actor for sure, but she’s also a successful producer and respected director and plus, she’s funny as all get out. It’s kind overwhelming how talented she is. The badass blonde got her start at The Groundlings in LA, which led to her breakthrough role on Curb Your Enthusiasm, which led to two Emmy nominations, which led to her being one of our favorite people on tv. She also shines in her other tv roles, as well as interviews and live shows, so we put together a few favorite Cheryl moments in this playlist.

Catch Cheryl and other Groundlings alum this season on TV Land’s nobodies. Series premiere this Wednesday, March 29 at 10/9c.