The Funniest Friggin Tweets Of The Week

They’re here they’re here!! The funniest tweets of the week are here!

Let’s groove on in to the weekend with these funky fresh jokemasters.


Nah you can’t.


CLASSIC CINNAMON ugh so full of herself.


Seriously wtf was wrong with Reverend Camden that dude suuuuuuucked.


Damn, moms are hard af.


Pack it up everybody, this is the best tweet of the year.


Pasta maybe even ok but that’s IT.


WE ARE SOBBING how can something so beautiful exist.


Like two sexy sides of the same coin.


Now this is a Twilight Zone episode we would watch.


Humorous reminder to call your parents, everybody!


We GOT this, gang!!


Hah ok nah maybe we don’t got this.


Yes doctor, she has a thousand Instagram followers and everything.


Karma is a… complex women with strong opinions.