Congrats to WhoHaHalloween Winner, Boo Hag Or Shadow Man!

When Team WhoHaha first watched WhoHaHalloween submission Boo Hag Or Shadow Man, we knew we had a stellar comedy-horror short film on our hands. Then, our phenomenal team of industry jurists voted and it was our clear winner for the Best of Fest award!

This short had such a strong contingent of women on its team, and we cannot celebrate them enough. Enjoy their trailer and support their festival journey on IG @BooHagOrShadowMan 


When Marie declined the graveyard shift after working 10 hours as an ER nurse, she was really looking forward to a quiet evening of pancakes and trash TV.  Then her roommate came home. Aisha worked a long, hard day on the job too… as a professional conjure woman. And she may have accidentally released an evil spirit. And it might be very angry. And it definitely followed her home.

Now Marie has to face facts: her roommate is a real witch and her evening plans are out the window. She may be next if she doesn’t shake it off and help Aisha banish this soul-thirsty specter. Which would be a lot easier if somebody didn’t eat all the rosemary.