WhoHaha Gets Behind: Buzzr

Buzzr partnered with Elizabeth Banks’s comedy-based digital property WhoHaha to promote the network’s lineup of classic game shows and special programming events. The 3-month campaign consisted of 2 fun and engaging FB Live events, a custom video taking a look back at some of TV’s most hilarious game show moments, and a series of branded memes.
WhoHaha got behind Buzzr by integrating the brand and specific show clips into multiple pieces of video content on WhoHaha’s digital channels. The FB Live events included sponsorship of our very popular series WhoHaha Draws. WHH hired the hilarious Nicole Blume to host the shows. As host, she pulled game-related words out of a hat and drew them on a digital tablet, where our highly engaged live audience was prompted to guess the word. Throughout the games, Nicole interacted with the audience, provided funny banter, and, most importantly, mentioned the brand numerous times throughout the entire 60 minutes. Other brand integrations included a co-branded title card, persistent logo on the screen, and multiple commercial breaks featuring funny show clips.
WHH also produced a branded video in which several of our favorite female content creators watched clips from classic game shows and provided funny commentary. The video included a co-branded title card, logo on the screen, “Game Changers” tune-in info, and a co-branded end card with tune-in.
Total Campaign Stats
* 615K Reach
* 178K Video Views
* 30% Engagement Rate