American Heart Association

BRAND PARTNER / SPONSOR: American Heart Association

CREATED BY: WhoHaha and Honest Monster


The American Heart Association relied on WhoHaha to help activate their Healthy for Good movement, tapping into comedy and levity as an effective approach to engage people in a serious dialogue about heart health.

WhoHaha carefully cast the talented and very funny Creators / Influencers, Honest Monster, and an all-female production team, and put them to work to write, direct, and star in a 3-part original web series encouraging viewers to take heart health seriously.

The hysterical web series’ episodes, entitled Be a (Gym) Hero, Food Is My Boyfriend, and Don’t Be a Zombie, and additional content customized for each social platform, were broadly distributed to WhoHaha’s audience of millions of female-centric comedy lovers, AHA’s audience nationwide, and amplified by Elizabeth Banks and the Creators involved.



– WhoHaha’s social and video channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Dailymotion

– WhoHaha subscriber based Newsletter

– WhatTheFlicka (Felicity Huffman and DM2’s digital channel targeting Moms with humor)

– AHA web site with shares to its 200 national affiliates

– Creator / Influencer activations

– Amplification by Elizabeth Banks to her personal social channels


– Elizabeth Banks

– Honest Monster’s Deirdre Devlin & Vana Dabney

*  All Creators promoted the series via their personal social media channels


Total Reach:  1 Million

Engagement Rate:  40%

Total Video Views: 374k (well exceeding the goal)


AD WEEK – Q&A: Elizabeth Banks on Her Partnership with the American Heart Association

Watch the series here: