Universal Pictures & WhoHaha’s Go Pitch Yourself UGC Challenge

BRAND PARTNER / SPONSOR: Universal Pictures – Pitch Perfect 3

CREATED BY: WhoHaha and Universal Pictures


WhoHaha and Universal Pictures teamed up on Go Pitch Yourself, a UGC social media challenge encouraging aspiring digital storytellers to share (via #PitchPerfect3 and #GoPitchYourself) independently produced videos of impressions, characters or unique talents that showcase the film’s spirit and what makes them perfectly imperfect.

The funniest 5 creators were selected to travel to Los Angeles on an all-expense paid trip where they participated in a weeklong ‘Digital Content Lab,’ focused on enhancing their digital content strategy, development and production skills with input from executives at Universal Pictures and WhoHaha, and from WhoHaha  Creators.

The Digital Content Lab culminated in each of the 5 winners shooting the video that they developed in the Digital Content Lab, with the one-and-only Elizabeth Banks!

The videos, featuring Elizabeth Banks, will debut in advance of the Holiday 2017 release of Pitch Perfect 3 as part of the film’s marketing campaign.

Our partnership with Universal Pictures on the Go Pitch Yourself! campaign was a great way for WhoHaha to further its mission of finding and cultivating funny new talent ready to embrace the spotlight and take their craft to the next level!

How cool is that?  Hint….VERY!!


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– 5 winners of the Go Pitch Yourself UGC Challenge

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Elizabeth Banks wants you….that’s right, you! Watch here….


– UGC Video Submissions:  Over 500 (in 4 weeks)

– 1.5M Total Campaign Video Views (and still counting)



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