9 Times Girls Taught Us How To Grow The F Up

There aren’t enough emojis in the world to describe how the Girls finale made us feel. Hannah’s mom! Marnie’s horrible Tracy Chapman karaoke! That time jump that left us hella dizzy! It’s all just so much.

But if there’s one thing that unified this whole gnarly final season, it’s that most of the characters finally started growing up. It’s maybe too much to say they’re ~women~ and not girls by the end of it, but they’re definitely on the way. So we put together a few of our favorite mature moments throughout the show’s 6 seasons. Not that kind mature moment, you can find those on a different website. Anyway, here’s our tribute to the essential truths about adulthood that we learned from girls.


1. Sometimes having self worth=getting paid.


2. Handle your arrests with grace.


3. Sometimes you just have to lie.


4. Some moments are more important than clothes.


5. Just be straight-up about what you need, even if it’s a little psycho.


6. Celebrate the little things.


7. Don’t let this bs patriarchy tell you how to feel about sex.


8. Don’t try to be who you’re not.


9. Remember that some things are more important than yourself.