Podcasts You Need To Know: That’s My Story, Period

Ever sit around with your girlfriends sharing stories about your first periods and cackling at how embarrassing it all was? There’s a new podcast that feels just like that, but with some of the funniest comedians and performers in the business. ‘That’s My Story, Period’ is hosted by actor and comic Steph Garcia, and features stories from people like Roni Geva, Artemis Pebdani, Sara Amini, Deana Ricks, and Celia Finkelstein. The goal is to remove the stigma around periods and empower women and girls to love their bodies, weird chunky bloody fluids included.


In this most recent episode, Steph talks with Joanna Jones (aka Peggy in Hamilton on Broadway!!!), Julie Holop and Madeleine Kang about the Red Menace and how it all started for them. Season two is being released, so subscribe asap!