SNL With Kristen Wiig Was Incredible

Honestly we’ve been so hype all day that we can’t even calm down enough to think about anything but Kate McKinnon and Kristen Wiig and a bunch of kittens. That’s gotta be what heaven looks like honestly. It’s such a joy when someone from the cast comes back to SNL to host, and pretty much all the sketches from Saturday were life changing.


For example! This ri-gosh-dang-diculous game show sketch that was just Wiig swirling around and being actressy. Have we already watched it 5 times? Yes.


Then Sue the Surprise Lady came back, this time with a lil festive twist. This kind of feels like the Thanksgiving David Pumpkins, and we are HERE for it.


Then there were the cut for time sketches. This Thanksgiving one was… yeah ok if they had to cut something this was maybe the one to snip. But when Wiig just sniffs that carcass while maintaining eye contact with the camera, we lost it.

In summary: Wiig forever, pumpkin pie for everyone, Thanksgiving Santa bless us all.