Trump Understands Women

A fun thing about this election is waiting to see if Trump can do anything crazy enough to get people to not vote for him. Racism didn’t do it, open misogyny didn’t do it, lurking behind Clinton like a sasquatch Hitchcock didn’t even do it. So Liliana Tandon – creator of the amazing series Period Piece – imagined what would happen if Trump admitted the ultimate womanly weakness.

Curing Womanhood Is Easier Than You’d Think!

Y’know, for all the rah rah goddess you go girl gyno-positive stuff out there, it still sucks to be a woman a lot of the time. It’s still a man’s world, and lots of men don’t love taking women seriously. But there’s good news, ladies! A new product just hit the market that’ll help you feel safe in public places, be heard at work, and be respected by the men in your life. This is our time, ladies!

We Got a Good Feeling About This Season of SNL

The only way to accurately describe last night’s season premiere of SNL is, frankly, with emojis. These emojis: ????????. The cold open was pure perfection, Weekend Update made us drop our dang jaws, and The Weeknd gave us some full body feelings.

But our fave sketch of the night had to be Actress Round Table. Kate McKinnon’s Hollywood golden age era actress was so funny, the writing was so tight/insane, and it was feminist af. Basically, it was everything we need on tv right now.

We can NOT wait to watch the woman-dominated cast slay all year.

If You Loved Hamilton, You’ll Tolerate Taft!

Musicals about great Americans in history are all the rage! So why not one about a pretty good American?? William Howard Taft didn’t change the country or make any memorable speeches, but he did exist and was also definitely president for a minute there. And luckily for us, sketch duo Fenton & Grace wrote him a musical of his very own.

We Can’t With The Bachelorette, And Neither Can Kristen Wiig

Sometimes Kristen Wiig goes on Fallon and does impressions of people she knows nothing about. And honestly? It’s so funny it’ll make you pee your couch cushions.

But since tonight is hometown visits with the bland squad on The Bachelorette (name c/o Megan McKay), we had to share Wiig’s impression of JoJo. #PickJorJorBinks