Jessica Williams is Leaving The Daily Show, Let’s All Cry-Laugh

Jessica Williams is officially leaving The Daily Show. (pause for tears) But the rumor in the biz is that she’s leaving for a super-secret, super-awesome project with Comedy Central, so we’ll all have to ovary up and deal until she’s back.

Meanwhile, ease the pain a lil bit with this super cut of some of her funniest moments from the show. Jessica is a damn national treasure.


Emilia Clarke Loses Things, Including Dragons

We’ve all been patiently awaiting the return of Game Of Thrones and now it’s finally coming back! You can’t see us, but we’re happy dancing while typing out this post. Naturally, we’re feeling this Mother of Dragons tribute from the Khaleesi herself, Emilia Clarke. Friends, we gotta help her find these things.

Elizabeth Banks once tried to get her to dish all the dirt she GOT (see what we did there?). It didn’t work but they took this nice photo together:

emilia clarke elizabeth banks