The WhoHaha Podcast Round-Up

Welcome back to the great WhoHaha Podcast Round-Up, our running list of amazing women-hosted podcasts to check out. Whether you’re in to Star Trek, spooky young adult novels from the 90’s, being a parent, or learning about your own culture, these podcasts will make you feel like you’re hanging out with the coolest, funniest girls around. Find them on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, pretty much wherever you get podcasts!


Ethnically Ambiguous

Anna and Shereen are two Middle Eastern ladies living in America, and they have THOUGHTS. They’re funny, they’re smart as hell, and they bring their unique perspective to conversations on politics, race, and even ~sex stuff~. Their guests are fascinating, their rapport is off the charts, and Ethnically Ambiguous is basically your new favorite podcast. Have a listen.


Teen Creeps

Remember those books you guiltily read from inside your desk as a preteen and tried to hide from your mom? The ones where a girl named Cordelia is pursued by vampires or her murderous uncle or whatever? Girl, you know there’s a podcast about those. Comedians Kelly Nugent and Lindsay Katai discuss their treasured favorite YA pulp novels from their youth, and read the new wave of guilty pleasures for today’s teens.


Treks And The City

Veronica Osorio and Alice Wetterlund love Star Trek: Enterprise. And because they want to share that love with the world, they started a podcast where they watch every. single. episode. and discuss it with a hilarious guest. Their coverage of the episode is wacky, their banter is mind-blowing, and we wish we could hang out with them. Engage!


Learnt Up

Lorraine is a black person. Sarah is a Jewish person. Together, they’re learning all the things about both cultures that they somehow missed out on – the food, music, movies, and all the other things that define being black and Jewish in America. From kugel to T’Challa, nothing is off limits! The jokes are fresh, and you’re guaranteed to learn at least two things every episode.


Why Mommy Drinks

The title kind of says it all on this one. Betsy Stover and Amanda Allan bring on celebrity guests to discuss the things their children do that drive them to drink. Parenting is a non-stop shit show, but Amanda and Betsy’s infectious laughs and disgusting stories make it all seem worthwhile. Kinda.



Witches rejoice! Anna Valenzuela, Cindy Aravena, and Vanessa Gritton are a coven of hilarious latina comedians, and on Brujaja they cover everything from superstition to latino role models to machismo to anime. The show is super funny and also surprisingly tender and sweet, and feels like hanging with your occult bffs.

‘Welcome To The Clambake’ Is Your New Fave Feminist Podcast

Do you like friends? Do you like feminism? Do you like laughing so hard that your period starts spontaneously*? Oh honey, do we have a podcast for you.

Welcome To The Clambake is hosted by best buds Angela and Lindsay, and each week they have a guest on to focus on a different aspect of feminism and women’s lives. Whether they’re talking about feminism and technology, lesbian relationships, or good old fashioned female horniness, they keep it intersectional and funny as hell.

Every episode is amazing, but this interview with Callie Rennison – the professor who put Brock Turner’s face in a textbook next to the definition of rape – is a great place to start.

*This podcast can’t actually impact your menstrual cycle.