A Post-Election Christmas Carol

Welp, it’s official. Our next president thinks women are walking sex dolls and doesn’t give a shit about anyone’s human rights. Bummer! We’re with the ladies of Razor Burn right now. It’s hard to feel that festive feeling when we’re worried that democracy as we know it is crumbling around us. At least there’s… egg nog?

Waiting For That Movie To Premiere Is Literally The Worst Thing In The Entire World

Call it a first world problem if you want, but waiting for a movie to come out is the WORST THING IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. Seriously – why even bother to announce a premiere date if it’s literally years away. We hate it. The struggle is so real, and Leigh Lahav perfectly animates every feeling we experience.

That Horrifying Moment When You Forget YOUR OWN MOTHER’S BIRTHDAY

ALERT! ALERT! This video is just too damn real. We’ve all been there and we’re literally cringing as we think about it – forgetting your mom’s birthday. NOOOOO. Akilah Hughes takes us through that horrifying moment when you’re talking to your mom on the phone and realize YOU ARE AN IDIOT AND FORGOT HER BIRTHDAY.

Blame it on the mail, yeah?