It’s Finally Men’s History Month! (Jk It Always Is)

Gosh, it’s hard to be a white dude these days! You’re only making 30-50% more money than your female colleagues, you might actually get 6 whole months in prison for sexual assault. Life can feel unfair! But the very masculine dudely dudes of Buzz Off Lucille are here to let you know that actually it gets better for people who aren’t marginalized by society too!

You Know What Might Help? Yelling At A White Man.

Basic healthcare rights are in danger. The climate is about to take a serious hit. And we can’t help noticing that in every picture of The Donald signing a bogus executive order, there’s no one in the room but white men. YET AGAIN white men are trying to take everything good away. So why not take advantage of the brilliant new service from Cursed Champagne productions, and Yell At A White Man!!

Weekly Roundup of the Funniest Tweets


Another week, another desperate need for some funny jokes. These Twitter geniuses are here to help, so let’s all unwind with some ‘hahas’ and some ‘hmmms’ and some ‘holy hell what is wrong with this world’s.


This election is a nightmare for everyone but Twitter comedians. So… thanks?


Horrifyingly relatable.


Brb, stopping by a Gymboree to remember why we wrap it up.


Yeah, only one of those things wrote Lemonade.


WE DO NOT ENDORSE THIS INDIANA HATE but maybe Mara knows something we don’t?


‘Hmm Yelp emailed me about new restaurants in my area- Oh everything is awful again.’


Also a good first date strategy.


The critics hated it, but the Nielsen numbers were through the roof.


iPhones are the haughty baristas you see every day but of technology.


Shooting for La Croix, landing on RC Cola.


Likes are foreplay, let’s be real here.


She has to be a team of 6 professionals, right? There’s no way that’s just one lady.


This is how it should be, Twitter trolls are correct, we give in.


?We got the endorsement, we got the endorsement, we got the endorsemeeeeeeeennnnt, yeah!?


Drunk on the power over all your future wedding toasts.


Hmm wow makes u think so interesting


He’s 72 years old. That’s Ensure and yelling at Fox News age. Damn, boy.




Sometimes it’s ok to not tweet a hot take. Sometimes you can just feel sad.


Shoutout to all the woke dads. Thank you for teaching us to drive and to care about other people.


Giving this a hearty ‘mmmmmm hmm!’