Ready To Get Uncomfortable?

And by that we mean Uncomfortable the series! Uncomfortable follows its protagonist (hilar comedian Yola Lu) through life’s deeply awkward moments, like when you meet with a prospective roommate and realize he’s an absolute freak, or when you’re too shy to poop in the office. Or like this deeply relatable first episode, in which our heroine gets derailed from her, um, business by a sad dog video.

Watch the rest of the episodes here!

“She Can’t Even” – A 15 Second Web Series About A Girl You Wish You Didn’t Know

Natalie Palamides is the genius behind She Can’t Even – a web series she posts to her Instagram about an emotional girl named Daniella who – yup, you guessed it – can’t even.

Daniella cries a lot, loves sweatpants, and is always there to encourage you to pull through those tough times.  Sounds like a dream! Watch all the episodes right here and find yourself equal parts laughing and cringing.

PS: How does Natalie make herself cry SO INTENSELY?! Seriously, does she have some kind of “cry on demand” super power?

The First Episode of Mo Welch’s “REBRAND” Web Series Is Brilliant

If you’re a fan of mockumentary style comedy, this web series is speaking your language. Written by, edited by and starring comedian Mo Welch, Rebrand follows the fictional fallen youtube star Lee as she attempts to rebrand her image.

“Watch as Lee tries to keep her relationships with her only remaining friends, despite being ostracized from the YouTube community for inappropriate behavior. Can she make it back to 5 MIL followers or will she be at 0 MIL followers forever?”

We can’t wait for episode 2! Here’s hoping there’s lots more of Lee squeaking, “Awwwwkward” because there can never be enough of that.