Issa Rae Is Killing It Right Now

And tbh, no one deserves success more. Issa has been killing the game ever since her series Awkward Black Girl first hit Youtube. Now she’s the producer/fearless leader/inspiration behind a whole empire of cool comedy and content from creators of color, plus she as her own HBO show. She’s a damn inspiration, so we put together some of the greatest Issa moments to celebrate this comedy badass.

SNL Hit Us Right In The Feels

Damn. Daaaaamn. SNL doesn’t always get everything right, but this week’s cold open was a perfect thing. It’s hard to laugh right now without getting a little cry out first. At least when you’re a woman or a person of color or lgbtq or an immigrant etc etc etc. Kate McKinnon gave us our daily cry on Saturday, so that we could go in to Dave Chappelle’s amazing monologue a little less weighed down.

And honestly the rest of the sketches were perfection too. Watch this Leslie Jones bit as a little bonus, in which she discusses the struggles of dating while being Leslie, and then really grosses out Dave. It’s beautiful.