Weekly Roundup Of The Funniest F*cking Tweets

Elizabeth Banks' Whohaha-Michelle Obama Laughing

We’re back this week with the funniest f*cking tweets and we can barely control the little tears streaming out of the corner of our eyes. If you aren’t following these queens and liking their tweets, you need to get on that ASAP!



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10 Hilarious Ladies You Should Be Following On Twitter Right Now

Elizabeth Banks' Whohaha-Hillary Clinton

It’s no secret that Twitter is one of the best platforms for a comedic voice. Who doesn’t love reading 140 character quips about a douchey neighbor, or a running commentary on the latest episode of Scandal? In the last few years, Twitter has gone from being a way us mere peasants can feel closer to celebrities, to being an avenue for writers, comedians, and performers.

Here are 10 hilarious, brilliant, so-funny-I’m-gonna-pee women you need to be following on Twitter right now.

1. Brittani Nichols

This writer/comedian/actor needs to be on your Twitter radar. Her biting and sharp wit make us LOL, plus her commentary on society is on point.

2. Julianne Smolinski

Smolinski currently writes for Grace and Frankie, but we’re most #thankful and #blessed for her Twitter account.

3. Jenny Johnson

Try and scroll through Johnson’s Twitter page without laughing out loud. Seriously, try! It’s pretty much impossible and we love her so much.

4. Beth Stelling

Beth Stelling is not only killing it in the stand-up comedy game, but her tweets are hilarious as well. Our love for her knows no end.

5. Grace Spelman

A writer for BuzzFeed, Spelman’s Twitter account is consistently hilarious.

6. Alexis Wilkinson

Wilkinson is a writer for HBO’s Veep, as if we needed another reason to be obsessed with her.

7. Lindsey Finn

This tweet alone deserves a standing ovation. YAAAS QUEEN, PREACH!

8. Julia Segal

Segal is a writer for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and @Midnight, with self-deprecating humor that makes us giggle.

9. Erin Whitehead

It’s too real! REPEAT: The tweet is too real! Whitehead, an improviser and comedian at the Upright Citizens Brigade in LA, is one of the best tweeters out there. Her humor is dark, sweet, and just wonderful.

10. Jen Statsky

Statsky’s writing credits are badass enough to make any aspiring comedy writer jealous: Parks and Recreation, Broad City, Hello Ladies, Late Night With Jimmy Fallon…the list continues. We can totally see why she is absolutely killing it in the comedy writing game – every single thing she tweets is painfully funny.

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Finally! A Romantic Comedy About A Girl And a Corporate Pizza Twitter Account

Let’s be completely honest: pizza will forever and always be the greatest love of most of our lives. But what about when you actually start to fall in love with a pizza company’s twitter handle? This fake movie trailer, written by Celeste Ballard and starring The Walking Dead’s Emily Kinney, is so perfectly hilarious.

We’ve all been there – the butterflies in our belly when Olive Garden or Target retweets us, the flutter in our heart when we get an @ mention! This movie trailer for the fictional film, “Love @ Last,” is so relatable on all levels.