The Weekly Tweet Round-Up

Teens are saving the world. America is getting smoked by Canada in the Olympics. It’s actually cold in LA. Everything is topsy turvy this week and we are OVERWHELMED.

Time to simmer down and chill out with our favorite Friday treat – the weekly tweet round-up!


















The Weekly Tweet Roundup

It’s been a week of high highs and low lows and no honey, we aren’t just talking about the weird unseasonal weather…

But the one thing you can always count on, from the hottest beach to the coldest Chicago, is funny women. So let these hilarious tweets from talented ladies make you feel all warm and cozy.























The Funniest Tweets Of The Week

Ok it’s officially holiday season. Almost time for turkeys and family and presents and – oh god we’re already stressed.

Good thing we have the funniest women in the world to keep us entertained and stress-free! Bundle up and enjoy these hilarious tweets.

















The Week’s Funniest Tweets

Y’all, it’s starting to have that distinct ‘end of the world’ feeling out there. Natural disasters and political bullsh have us feeling like…

But at the end of the day, what unites us all and keeps us going is hilarious women making perfect internet jokes. So rest your weary heart with these insanely funny tweets.


















The Best Dang Tweets Of The Week

It’s the end of the week, and the good news is that if you had eye damage from the eclipse you would know it by now!


So put those healthy lil eyeballs to good use and enjoy this week’s most hilarious tweets. And don’t forget to follow these extremely funny ladies once you’re done.















This Week’s Very Funniest Tweets

Raise your hand if you need a drink and a slice of cake pronto.

Yeah us too. But while we wait for the bars and all night diners to open, let’s reminisce on this insane week with the very best tweets from hilarious women.