The Funniest Tweets Of The Year (So Far)

2017 has already been tumultuous as all hell, y’all. But if there’s anything to celebrate, it’s funny women doing what they do best. And plus, IT’S FRIDAY! So are we still gonna party?


Of all the burns on 2016, this is maybe the best one.


Film it please.


Kimberly is very funny but in this case, the original picture is the best joke of all.


God Mara Wilson is such a gift to the world.


Who knew there were so many horrible flavors of old white man?!


Honestly every store should hand out free Xanax samples for the next four years.


Sometimes they let us read a book that isn’t the Bible!!!


Who’s this narrator and is she free this weekend?




Look if you made it through the year without a drinking problem, hats off to ya bb.


Ya. ?


And how will we find boyfriends without Tindering on the toilet?!?!


Awwwwwwww (ok nvm it’s rad to be single honestly).


Oh wow still?!?!


‘Ok now take these tupperwares of food back with you to your filthy apartment’.


Yeah let’s all go on record with this.



The Greatest Tweets Of The Whole Week

Or should we say the spookiest tweets of the whole creeeeaaaak????

No, no one should say that because it’s a very bad joke. But cut us some slack, we’re excited that Halloween is almost here!! While we wait on pins and needles (ouch!) let’s all share these magnificent tweets.

Not sure how men think we survive the world?


Raise a glass to our fallen comrades. May your bi-curious phase come quickly.


Can we get this picture as a tattoo?


No one high five her for this.


Cannot WAIT to see this Marvel adaptation on Netflix.


May Dolly bless and keep you in this, the holiday season.


‘Scuse you, maybe we don’t want to slide into your business!




Honestly kids are shockingly tough these days, shoutout to all the brave babies.




Plz travel channel give Megan Koester a show.


America’s two favorite pastimes in one!









The ghost of Vine is gonna be the best costume of this Halloween season, mark our words.

Weekly Roundup of the Funniest Freakin Tweets

Don’t mind us, we’re just sitting here pondering why Friday afternoons go like 649 times slower than every other day…

While you wait for the weekend to fiiiinally kick off, enjoy these fresh n tasty tweets from funny women!


This is one gritty reboot we would absolutely see.




Where oh where is the anxious Frenchie who needs us???


The tale of DMVs greatest revenge against rich assholes.


An unexamined life… sounds really restful right about now actually.


Scuse you, it’s also for my very real and totally existing boyfriend.


Seriously this whole series of Jesus/Judas tweets is pure ???


It’s like Christmas for adults!!


Wow that’s actually kind of beautiful, Connie plz write a self-help book.


This joke is DEEPLY upsetting but also 100% accurate.


Oh damn, gotta show this tweet to all our ex-boyfriends.




Don’t be fooled – this is the perfect interview power play.


Woah wait we just realized that cats are trying to non-stop murder everything they like.


But no, by all means, more hot takes on movies from 2005 please.



Oh God nooooooo!!!


The best thing we can all do for feminism is to start calling him ‘reformed stripper Channing Tatum’ all the time.

The Funniest Tweets Of The Week

It’s Fri-yayyyy! And is it just us, or was this the longest short week ever??

To celebrate it finally being over, let’s enjoy some tasty tweets together.


Probly like 6-8 years?


Truly, Cameron is the Shakespeare of our times.


Caring for anything but yourself is fully exhausting, no shade here.


Seeing friends is neat, but it can’t compare to not seeing friends.


Read ’em like a library, girl.


Is this the greatest feminist pop culture joke of all time? Only time will tell.




If you’re not following the saga of Megan Koester and Joel Stein, then you’re missing out on one of the funniest stories ever given us by Mama Internet.


This is us. This is all of us.


Hey, you ever think about how the leisure to disagree with painful truths is a privilege of the powerful?  Anyway, fuck that guy.


People pleasers, unite!


This child is perfection, we’re so lucky to know her.


Presenting a joke is so funny we snort-laughed and then were really embarrassed.


You hear that, BROOKLYN???


This revelation has been painful for all of us, Julieanne.

Weekly Roundup of the Funniest Damn Tweets


While we wait for the weekend to really start, shall we enjoy some top quality funny tweets together? Let’s.

We all heard that in the Arrested Development voice, yeah?


Behold the art of subtlety.


We want this for you so so bad oh wow.


Everyone be more like Mara Wilson. Except Mara Wilson, you can stay the way you are.




If only we could reply with more gifs in our nightmare retail jobs.


*rubbing eyes with amazement and wonder*


Still have dreams about that jacket tbh.


And also two pizzas!


Wow wow makes u think. #bringbackthecolorofnight


Hold on to that friend and never let go, Carly!!!

Charming might as well have had a bathing suit competition. SMDH.


Dead. On.


Yeah team everybody to go Leslie Jones’ Twitter and tweet her some love, ok??? We have to take care of each other.


Worth the wait, but also worth making fun of.


Strut, mama, strut.


This joke just made us 20% smarter, thank you.


Need we remind you tools that kitty got claws???




Oops, looks like we’ll never stop laughing at this.

Weekly Roundup Of The Funniest Friggin Tweets

It has been one hell of a week in feminism, in sports, in comedy, and in draaaamaaaaa.

But guess what? WE MADE IT TO THE WEEKEND.


Let’s celebrate with some high quality, grade-A funny tweets.



Just out here looking for a life partner who also buys hammocks and toilet paper at 2am.






No one with an empanada in their hand has ever been angry.


How come pop stars are the funniest people on Twitter?


That, or ‘don’t taze me bro’.


If you haven’t been on Reductress yet this week, well, go do yourself a favor.


Like, what even is feminism?!?!? ????


OUCH right in the progress.


Oh jesus please don’t give us more reasons to be terrified in our cars please.


Metaphorically we’re all working two jobs and dealing with a loud ass entitled frog.


This is the perfect party guest etiquette, what’s the problem here?


Yaaas yaaas YAAAAAZZZZ.

Why are there 15 Fast and Furiouses but just two Magic Mike’s? SMDH.

One panic attack is just enough, two is too much, three is sexy again!