Hot Nude Cowboys

Ok now that we have your attention, ahem. This sketch is about hot nude cowboys. But for a purpose! Writer/director Jennifer Ford got sick and tired of seeing women being objectified for no reason, and decided to flip the script. And y’all? We are here for every NSFW minute of it.

The Butt Stuff Anthem by Mo Polyak

Everybody has that weird thing that gets them going. For some of us, it’s young Leo DiCaprio. For some of us, it’s a really complicated swing that you have to hide when friends come over. And for some of us, it’s smooshing stuff into our tushies.

The hilarious Mo Polyak wrote this ode to assplay and we’ve honestly had it stuck in our heads ever since we first heard it. Enjoy!

Extras On The Strip, Hustling For That $$$

Don’t let people tell you that standing on the Sunset Strip hustling for extra work in commercials is ‘sad’ or ‘pathetic’ or ‘unbearably depressing’. It’s a real career, ok??

Leslie Korein’s hilarious ‘documentary’ webseries shows background actors as the heroes they are. First up: Space Lady Myndi.