Viola Davis: 7 Year Old Badass

Ok so the review for Suicide Squad are… complicated. But pretty much everybody in the world can agree that Viola Davis is a gift from gosh and a treasure forever. And today’s her birthday!

So in honor of our TV lawyer, here’s a hilar interview from The Late Show in which she talks about her fierce sister, arm wrestling for money, and white people goo.

Harriet Tubman’s Army of Bad Bitches

Today, WhoHaha celebrates a true American hero, a woman who led our country through terrible times and fought for what was right. Today, we honor Octavia Spencer.

AND ALSO we give it up big for one of the toughest badasses ever to grace this planet, Harriet ’20 Dollar Bill’ Tubman. Do your patriotic duty by watching Crissle West tell the story of Tubman’s heroic and hardcore as hell raids. God Bless the USA.