Finally – A Solution For A Guy Jacking Off At You

Juani Begood has taken a horrible situation that happens to a lot of women and turned it into comedy that makes a statement – a solution for that guy who is jacking off at you and your friends! With “Jack Off Off Cream” you can now just hallucinate that the men are performing acts of charity and kindness instead of harassing you! This sketch is genius. 

Weekly Roundup of the Funniest Tweets

Elizabeth Banks Whohaha-Oprah Laughing

TODAY IS FRIDAY! Which means this is us to the work week:


Before you roll out of work like the queen that you are, enjoy this week’s roundup of the funniest tweets.

The worst.

The struggle of anyone with a tiny bladder!


Much more useful of a sign that knowing if someone has a baby on board.

May the llamas of the world live freely forever.

For anyone who doesn’t live in Los Angeles – it’s truly horrifying.

Seriously – WHERE IS IT?!?!?!


That would solve so many of their problems.

Same thing.

RIP all those people.

Aparna Nancherla: woman of edgy truth.

A woman’s brows are the windows to her soul.

YES! *praise hands emoji*

L – O – L. Honestly, there’s no need to correct them.

Just being a responsible adult.

So real it hurts.

Sophia understands the important things in life.