Weekly Roundup Of The Very Funniest Tweets

Yiiiiiiikes this week has been insane. Seems like everyone’s busy getting their rights taken away or getting peed on. In times like this, to whom can we turn for a lil 140 character inspiration? Um, funny women of course!

Enjoy these hilarious tweets from some of our fave internet geniuses.


















A Holiday Letter To Trump-Voting Loved Ones

Family’s family, even if they’re hateful and uncompassionate and don’t accept your life choices. Hahahaha just kidding, screw those jerks. You don’t have to go home for the holidays if you don’t want to, and this serenade is dedicated to the family members we’re happy to not have to deal with.

This lil jingle stars writer/director Rachel Sweeney, as well as the super talented. Brad Frenette, Jazmin Williams, Jack Frederick, and Donald Chang.

RIQ: A Bedtime Story From Donald Trump

If reality tv star and self-proclaimed businessman Donald Trump told a bedtime story, what would it sound like? We posed that very question to the one and only Petey Gibson, who knocked it out of the damn park. It’s short, sweet, and 100% bizarre. Think of it as our way of saying ‘BOY BYE’.

What The First 24 Hours of Trump Presidency Would Look Like

Don’t stress, it’s not gonna happen. But if in some parallel world Donald Trump won, the first day would be preetttty terrible! From the beautiful minds behind No You Listen, we bring you some theories on what would go down from some funny comedians. Lots of vomiting, it looks like.

This Australian Is Gonna Save Us From Ourselves

Chloe (aka Lucy Green) is on a mission. She’s coming all the way from Australia to try to convince us to not elect Trump as president. Maybe this Ozzie Khaleesi can do what a zillion rational op-eds can’t, and show us that the dude is a dang lunatic. And maybe she can’t! But at least she’ll give us a giggle while she tries.