Throw The Ultimate Impeachment Party!

Let’s be real – it’s only a matter of time. From his attacks on women’s rights, LGBTQ Americans, immigrants and undocumented folks, and pretty much everyone else, our president has proved that he’s dumb as a box of rocks and bigoted to boot. So we’re counting down the days until Donnie is out of office, and because we’re WhoHaha we’re doing it in style!

Take a tip from our resident DIY divas Alex Lynn Ward and Megan MacKay and start gathering supplies for your own impeachment bash.

Trump Can’t Even Order A Burger Politely

A weird thing that happens with our precedent-elect is that everyone keeps forgetting that he’s lowkey a monster. Things start to feel normal, news sites start to report on him like he’s an actual politician. But this sketch from TwinGirlPeeks is the perfect reminder that it is very un-normal to have this pussy-grabbing, racial-slur-using, insult-hurling child man as our next president. And for that, we thank them.

A Post-Election Christmas Carol

Welp, it’s official. Our next president thinks women are walking sex dolls and doesn’t give a shit about anyone’s human rights. Bummer! We’re with the ladies of Razor Burn right now. It’s hard to feel that festive feeling when we’re worried that democracy as we know it is crumbling around us. At least there’s… egg nog?

Sexual Harassment Training In The Trump White House

Remember when Trump was like ‘women who get harassed in the workplace should just quit’? WhoHaha remembers. WhoHaha never forgets. And luckily we have the awesome Kelsey Klemme to remind us that among the other travesties that are about to happen in the White House, a lot of ladies are gonna get grabbed and then told to quit. We are very not down for that bullshit.

This Australian Is Gonna Save Us From Ourselves

Chloe (aka Lucy Green) is on a mission. She’s coming all the way from Australia to try to convince us to not elect Trump as president. Maybe this Ozzie Khaleesi can do what a zillion rational op-eds can’t, and show us that the dude is a dang lunatic. And maybe she can’t! But at least she’ll give us a giggle while she tries.

The Funniest Damn Tweets Of The Week

Ok so the world is 90% garbage. But sometimes to keep going you just gotta take a deep breath, laugh a loud laugh, and watch a corgi shaking its weird butt.

May these tweets make it all seem a little more tolerable, bbs.


On the one hand it’s mean to celebrate the end of a relationship, on the other hand THIS TWEET THO.


Pumpkin Spice Latte season is also Eat An Entire Medium Pizza Alone season.


— ? (@Sassafrantz) September 21, 2016



We’d buy the shit out of this on Etsy.


Turns out modern life is just one big cringe.


Congratulations are in order to Ms Pavlas for winning the internet.


Wow @kmay with the helpful advice.


What store is this, we need this item badly.



This has us crying. Cryyyiiiiing.


Omg someone please get this poor child 7 more hot dogs stat.


‘Oh don’t mind me, I’ll just be over here DYING IN THIS MALL’


No but US newspapers did enjoy talking about how calm the traffic was in Nazi Germany, so that’s not great.


Lol forever at dudes who think women are ‘catty’, honestly.


Ah yes, how fine it would be to be in Merrye Oldye Englandeeeee.


Stop. Read this joke again. It’s perfect.


Hell yeah little baby, you werk for the weekend!!!