Dump Your Boo With A Singing Telegram!

Too chicken to dump your sweetie in person? But too moral for a text message? Let this singing telegram company break someone’s heart for you! Couldn’t we all use a little help saying ‘buh-buh-boy bye’.

This sketch features the talents of Richelle Meiss, Craig Tovey, Shilpa Das, Angie Engelbert, Matt Harbert, Mayank Battar, and Tiffany Commons.

A Post-Election Christmas Carol

Welp, it’s official. Our next president thinks women are walking sex dolls and doesn’t give a shit about anyone’s human rights. Bummer! We’re with the ladies of Razor Burn right now. It’s hard to feel that festive feeling when we’re worried that democracy as we know it is crumbling around us. At least there’s… egg nog?