Seriously, Go Vote

Folks, we are not kidding. Go vote. You have to. The world needs you to. We haven’t exactly been subtle about who we want you to vote for, but whatever bubbles you’re filling in in that ballot box, just friggin go do it already. Funny of Die agrees. Rachel Bloom needs you to. Mayim Bialik needs you to. Elizabeth Banks needs you to. IT’S REALLY FUCKING IMPORTANT. K love you bye.

Why Is Meditating So F’in Hard?

Mmm, nothing like the feeling of settling down into a lotus pose and relaxing your body and mind and then remembering every dumb embarrassing thing you’ve ever done. Because who are we kidding, that’s what meditating actually is. This little ditty from Alyssa Simmons perfectly captures the mindfulness struggle.

To The Ladies Of Dunder Mifflin

Ever had to babysit your male boss because he’s too busy hatching some harebrained scheme that’s just going to end up costing the company money? You might be every female employee ever. OR you might be one of the lovable ladies of Dunder Mifflin from The Office on NBC! Mo Polyak wrote and performed this tribute to Pam, Kelly, Donna, Jan, Meredith, Angela, and Phyllis, and the rest, and now we can’t stop humming it.

This Week’s Very Good Tweets

You know what time it is…


But quick, before you’re too Tempranillo tipsy to get jokes – read all these hilarious tweets by hella dope women.






























My Boyfriend’s Back! Wait, Where Was He?

Shoo wop, boopy doop! We’ve got a swingin’ new track for you, tomcats and kittens! In this little number, our favorite girl group realizes that they don’t actually know where that handsome boyfriend actually goes when he leaves. We honestly keep hitting repeat on this video, it’s as catchy as it is hilarious.