High Expectasians Looks Amazing

We are SO stoked for this new series from the writers/actors/hilarious women of Rock Paper Noodle. Monique and Emily cover the whole range of bs involved in being a wannabe Hollywood bigshot, plus the struggle of being a good daughter, best friend, and pilates teacher.  And that’s just in the trailer! It looks like it’s gonna be hilar and we can’t wait to see the first episode. Slayyyyyyy ladies slay.

When You Gotta Pee, But Someone’s Being Twee

Some childhood family photos don’t need to be reenacted. The awkward school portrait. The creepy matching outfits. This sketch from Leave a Mark demonstrates the ‘adorable’ photo that your mom really, really doesn’t need an adult version of.

Remember people, you can do whatever weird shit you want as long as you’re not ruining your roommates life with it.