LOL Models – Suzee Dunn and Samantha Bee

Role models inspire you to be your best self, believe in your dreams, and never give up. Lol models do all that, plus they make you fall out of your chair laughing. In this episode of our new series LOL Models, Suzee Dunn talks about Samantha Bee’s influence on her comedy career, plus Bee’s checkered past as a Sailor Moon impersonator.

Sarah Silverman Is A Comedy Queen

Show of hands – how many of us first realized we were allowed to be funny because of Sarah Silverman? Yeah, that’s what we thought. For a lot of us the salty Jewess introduced us to the idea that we could be raunchy and silly and hilarious and not have to apologize for it. She’s controversial for sure, but she gets away with it because the woman is a damn genius when it comes to writing a joke or a song. We’ve got love for Silverman, so we made her a playlist as a lil present. And you get to enjoy it too!

Positive Vibes Aren’t Free

You know when your friend who is spiritual but not religious is like ‘awww sorry about your loss, sending you positive vibes’? Well they’re basically sending you a blank check and you should honestly be really super grateful. Hilarious sketch team Femmebot PhD shows us all what happens when you don’t send those pos vibes back. And they also use the c-word a lot, which is very thrilling and fun too. Reclaim those good vibes and genital slurs, ladies!