Ok We Need To Talk About Melissa on SNL

Do the words ‘yaaas queen’ ring a bell?!?! They should, because we’ve been screaming them loud enough for all of America to hear. Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer on SNL was ev. ry. thing. Here’s hoping that this turns into a Baldwin as Trump type situation and she’s back every other week to play the all-American five-head Goebbels.

The Queen Janeane Playlist

Janeane Garofalo might be the og feminist comedy icon. She’s been all about telling uncomfortable truths since way back in her SNL days, and she hasn’t stopped since. Apparently she hates the internet, so she’s never gonna see this, but this playlist is our way of saying thanks for inspiring hella funny women to find their own voices, take no shit, and smash the patriarchy through laughter and honesty.

Melissa McCarthy Is Literal Perfection

Ok so not to be too poetic about it, but Melissa McCarthy is one of those rare shining lights of comedy that could make us laugh just by sitting in a chair. Every single thing she does is friggin hilarious, whether it’s an interview or a movie or some goofy SNL sketch. We are so lucky to have her in our lives, and we made this playlist as a reminder that the woman can’t not be funny.

Who The Hell Let Us Onto The Red Carpet Of “The Boss”?

Melissa McCarthy’s The Boss hits theaters this Friday, and we were able to attend the red carpet premiere last week. Not only did we get to ask actors which Girl Scout cookie they’d want to fuck (????), but we had a moment with Dax Shephard that we will truly cherish for the rest of our lives. We also made Melissa McCarthy laugh, so it’s safe to say the night was a glorious success.

Melissa McCarthy Sings The Shit Out Of “Colors of the Wind”

We all know how much The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon loves a good lip sync battle. Melissa McCarthy was a recent guest on the show in promotion of The Boss, and sang the SHIT out of Pocahontas’ “Colors of the Wind.” She also rapped her heart out to DMX’s, “X Gon’ Give It To Ya,” but we really can’t focus on anything other than all of the glitter, feathers, leaves, stuffed animals and wind being thrown in Melissa’s face. She is a damn champion.

Melissa McCarthy & Kristen Bell Are The Talk Show Hosts We’ve Wanted Our Entire Lives

Have you ever wanted to see Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Bell host their own talk show? TODAY IS YOUR LUCKY DAY, MY FRIEND. In a new promo for The Boss via Comedy Central, the gals chat about how sexy of a man Peter Dinklage is. We don’t hate it and we definitely don’t disagree.