Flossing Is Basically A Horror Movie

Why don’t they have commercials for floss? That simple question gave birth to one of the most terrifying horror films of our time. The gals of Aljeshira dared to ask the scariest question: who do you turn to when the monster in the mirror is… yourself??

The REAL Dangers of Gluten

We’ve all heard the stories. Gluten was making me fat, gluten was making my acne worse, gluten made me sad one time. But do you know the real dangers of gluten? You don’t. You can’t. Because gluten leaves no survivors.

Sketch team ArthurORMarthA made a silly video about how seriously those of us without an actual gluten allergy or celiac disease seem to take the little protein. And it’s spooky as heck.

WTF Is Up With Horror Movie Girlfriends?

There’s three types of women in this world: survivors, sexers, and screamers. Hahahahha jkjkjk, there are as many types of women as there are actual women! Maybe more! But horror movies would have you believe that all women are either nasty sex-havers, brave virgins, or useless girlfriends who flail and shriek at the first sign of danger. It’s dumb as hell. On the bright this problematic trio is great comedy fodder, as proven by this sketch from writer Crystal Franceschini, director Warren Jones, and producer Jazzy Byner.

Jar Jar for President!!

Akilah Hughes should prob be moderating every debate at this point, right? Her political commentary is always ? and she’s funnier than all the PBS, NBS, CBS and MSNBC teams combined.

Case in point: she makes a REALLY compelling argument that Jar Jar Binks might actually be a better choice for president than Trump. Hughes, ya just blew our minds.