This Valentine’s Day… Save Yo Money

Real romance isn’t $150 dinners and uncomfortable lingerie. Real romance is laying in your own bed watching SVU reruns and letting the dogs under the covers even though they’re not supposed to be up there. Alex Lynn Ward lays out all the reasons to stay home and save yo money this Valentine’s day in her hilarious new music video. And honestly? Her argument is even more right than her glorious windblown hair.

The Only How-To Video You’ll Ever Need: How To Bail On Going Out

We’ve all been there. For some reason all of your friends were born in the same month and you have about a thousand birthday parties to attend. Are you actually going to go to them? No. Akilah Hughes has a solution… which may or may not cause you to lose all of your friends.

Life Hack: Send a card in advance and then stay home and watch Netflix — just make sure you don’t run into the birthday boys and girls while you’re scheming.