The Women Of Star Wars Crack Us Up

Ok so Star Wars isn’t exactly known for it’s ha-has. But the truth is, the lady stars of the wars are some of the funniest people alive. From our beloved spiritual mom Carrie Fisher, to the newest member of the family Kelly Marie Tran, Star Wars has a long legacy of casting hilarious women as its heroes and generals and queens. So today we’re celebrating some of the funniest moments from a galaxy… well, a galaxy right here. This galaxy. Ok enjoy!

Jar Jar for President!!

Akilah Hughes should prob be moderating every debate at this point, right? Her political commentary is always ? and she’s funnier than all the PBS, NBS, CBS and MSNBC teams combined.

Case in point: she makes a REALLY compelling argument that Jar Jar Binks might actually be a better choice for president than Trump. Hughes, ya just blew our minds.