Everybody Get Outraged!!!

We got a lot to be mad about these days. But does it sometimes feel like online outrage is getting a little… shitty? Like people just turn on the fire hose without thinking it through? Well Sara Schaefer did a hilarious interview with Jen Kirkman about just that topic for her new series Woman Online on Seriously.tv, and we could watch it all dang day. Nuance is key.

Also would you please check out the newest episode, because it features some of our absolutely favorite comics, including Riley Silverman, Ceda Xiong, and Madison Shepard synthroid 100 mcg.

Everyone Loves Uber, No One Wants To Pay For It

Ride sharing is great! You can pile a whole friend group in a stranger’s car and get to the bar for like 6 bucks. But here’s the thing… someone has to pay for it.

Taylor Cox’s sketch shows the desperate measures we take to avoid calling the Uber. RIP all the phones that lost their lives for this video.