What The Janitor Saw

You see a lot when you clean-up other people’s trash for a living. But there’s one thing that Bob The Janitor can’t seem to learn, and it’s driving him… insane. This brief documentary from writer Shannon Brown really captures the feeling of crying in the office bathroom, and for that we salute her.

Even Vampires Don’t Want Pity Invites

Halloween party season is here! Everyone’s gonna be dressing up and getting drunk and nibbling tapas or whatever. But if you’re an anxious person like we are, this season will have you wondering ‘do they really want me here, or is this a pity invite?’ And it turns out even spooky demons of the night feel the exact same way.

Check Out This Dynamic Crime-Solving Duo

Do you love British murder mysteries where a cheerful lady puts down her knitting and busts the bad guy? Do you also love Chucky? Honey, this one’s for you.

Mrs Carmody and Mrs Jellineck are two radiant ladies who kick ass and solve crimes. Also one of them happens to be a ventriloquist dummy. It’s the show of our dreams and this is just the first part, so make sure you check out the rest of the episodes right here.

The REAL Dangers of Gluten

We’ve all heard the stories. Gluten was making me fat, gluten was making my acne worse, gluten made me sad one time. But do you know the real dangers of gluten? You don’t. You can’t. Because gluten leaves no survivors.

Sketch team ArthurORMarthA made a silly video about how seriously those of us without an actual gluten allergy or celiac disease seem to take the little protein. And it’s spooky as heck.