There’s Help For Your Housewives Addiction

It starts out innocently. Maybe a friend at a party says ‘hey, try this, I think you’re gonna love it’. Maybe the person you’re dating gets you in to it. But before you know it, you’re sipping Skinnygirl and screaming ‘WHO GON CHECK ME BOO’ at the TV screen. The Real Housewives is a real addiction, and it requires real help. And writer/director Ashleigh Stanczak is just the person to give you that help.

Finally, A Movie For Women (By Men)

Women! We’re always wearing crop tops and kissing our female friends and dating men with no discernible talent or personality. Oh that doesn’t describe you? You must not be a gal in a rom com written by men, then!

We’ve had it up to roughly here with these rude-ass Hollywood movies that portray women as naive idiots in bustiers and female friendship as a non-stop homoerotic cat fight. UP TO HERE. Which is why we can’t stop watching writer/director Laura Holliday’s version of a chick flick written by dudes. It’s hilarious and perfect and everything we love.

Ladies, Lean In To That Office Holiday Party!

Ah, work holiday parties. The awkward small talk, the mediocre snacks, the relentless goddamn flirting. Something about the frost in the air makes male co-workers think now is the time to give you a ‘friendly’ massage or ask what kind of sex stuff you and your boyfriend are in to. Fortunately the Lean In Ladies made this guide to avoiding unwanted advances during office holiday parties. Remember, meat is your friend!

You Got That Flow, Though?

It’s 2016. Right? No it’s definitely 2016. So why are the fellas still harshing on our flow?! We’re about sick to death of no-varies complaining about having to hear period talk. It’s a basic biological function! So next time some dude says ‘ew I don’t want to hear about your period’, just blast this jam from Australian sketch show Wham Bam Thank You Ma’am. It’s our new 5 day a month anthem.