TBT to This Chipper Song About Racism

Amber Ruffin can do no wrong. And we uncovered this amazing live sketch from back in the day (aka probably like 2007) in which Amber sings about the nuances of race in this messed up lil country of ours. And honestly? Girl’s got pipes.

How To Beat The Awkward Holiday Pauses

Ah, the joys of family. Cooking, laughing, talking about… oh shit. What are we going to talk about? Can’t do politics, can’t do personal life, 100% for sure can not do current affairs. Luckily for you and your low key racist extended family, the ladies of Moll&Rell created a guide to filling the dead air created during awkward holiday pauses.

This bad boy features the talents of Arielle Siegel, Molly Anne Coogan, Mallory Portnoy, Genesis Oliver, Alex Grubbs, and Matt Ziegel with Chris Metcalfe behind the camera.