We Love Molly Shannon

It’s Molly Shannon’s birthday! Sound the alarm, cuz we’re bout to party like spastic teenagers in honor of one of the funniest ladies in the world.

She’s an amazing physical comedian, she delivers punchlines like no other, and also she’s got a new indie movie out that proves that she can ACT honey. So celebrate Molly with a few high kicks, then go see Other People, then tweet her and tell her you love her. That’s what we’ll be doing!

Issa Rae, Queen Of Slay

Another super hilarious brilliant comedian is getting her very own show. What is this, heaven???

We’ve been on the Issa Rae train for a while now – her webseries Awkward Black Girl has won tons of awards and has most definitely won our heart. It looks like HBO realized her genius too, because her new series Insecure is gonna absolutely amazing. Watch the trailer, bask in the funny, relate so hard it hurts.

TBT: Jane Curtin’s SNL Screen Test Has Us Rolling

Jane Curtin is one of our comedy idols. She can do insane wild characters (Coneheads, ya heard of it??) but she’s also one of the greatest straight-men in the business. Her little chipper deadpan face is still the best thing about so many old SNL sketches.

She’s had an amazing comedy career, and you can see the roots of it all in this hilarrrrrrrious screen test from the 70’s. That cat joke brings a tear to our eyes and a lil pee to our chairs.

Cover Up Ladies! (But Not Too Much)

Gosh, dontcha just wish women would dress appropriately??? Women’s clothes should be pretty (but not too attractive or it’s distracting), modest (but not too covered up), nice (but not too expensive or you’re money-obsessed trash). It’s not that hard, ladies!

But seriously, thank goodness for Maddy Butler slaying the patriarchy with her sharp and hilarious sketches. Bless.