Positive Vibes Aren’t Free

You know when your friend who is spiritual but not religious is like ‘awww sorry about your loss, sending you positive vibes’? Well they’re basically sending you a blank check and you should honestly be really super grateful. Hilarious sketch team Femmebot PhD shows us all what happens when you don’t send those pos vibes back. And they also use the c-word a lot, which is very thrilling and fun too. Reclaim those good vibes and genital slurs, ladies!

Really Important Questions: Un Poema En Espanol

Hey, did you know that Spanish is the primary language spoken at home by over 35 million people in the US? And that the US is the world’s fifth-largest Spanish-speaking community? Wow, pretty wild! So in honor of the language of Lorca and Neruda and also our favorite soap opera La Rosa De Guadalupe, we asked some of our fave funny women to write a poem with whatever words of Spanish they know.  It turned out… ok!