Maya. Emma. Tubs of Butter.

We’re so lucky to live in a world with butter. It makes toast bearable, it lubes up ears of corn, it’s the secret ingredient behind croissants (croissants of course being proof that God loves us).

And now because of Maya & Marty, we know that butter tubs are the perfect accompaniment to the gorgeous voices of two of the funniest women ever to live, Maya Rudolph and Emma Stone.

Thank you, butter, for all that you do.


Harriet Tubman’s Army of Bad Bitches

Today, WhoHaha celebrates a true American hero, a woman who led our country through terrible times and fought for what was right. Today, we honor Octavia Spencer.

AND ALSO we give it up big for one of the toughest badasses ever to grace this planet, Harriet ’20 Dollar Bill’ Tubman. Do your patriotic duty by watching Crissle West tell the story of Tubman’s heroic and hardcore as hell raids. God Bless the USA.