OMG Back To School Butt Cuts Totally Suck

Sure, back to school season is fun for the first couple of weeks. But then everyone gets over the new school year and gets catty again! Like how another girl will totally Frankenstein your cute butt that you worked so hard for over the summer. Ugh, as if!

We’ve got another gem for ya from giant weirdos Shannon Brown, Taylor Cox, and Kristen Henley. You keep doing you bbz.


How to Be Modest And Sexy! But Not Too Modest. Or Sexy.

So at this point the line we’re supposed to walk between sexy and demure is friggin microscopic. If you think your body looks good and enjoy showing it off, everyone is gonna tell you to cover up. If you’re religious and/or like to keep your bits stashed away, cops are gonna come up to you on the beach and yell at you to get nekkid. WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM US SOCIETY???

Mayim Bialik (aka BLOSSOM!!!) made a perfect tutorial on how to keep it sexy and fun at the beach while not shaming the patriarchy with your labes. Thanks Ms. Mayim!