Think Hill’s Shrill? You Better Watch This.

The vice-presidential debate brought up a lot of questions. Why does Trump have such a boner for Putin? Was Kaine on some type of roids? But most of all, it had us wondering why men so often really don’t like letting women talk.

Fortunately the brains behind Hurdy Blurdy created this primer to how to not sound too shrill/bossy/bitchy/wimpy for men. Hillary is a shoo-in for prez now!

Niecy Nash Is Our Wednesday Woman Crush

Yas Niecy yaaaaasss! We’ve been big fans of Niecy Nash since way back in her Reno 911! days, and she just keeps getting funnier and more fabulous. She’s a gem on The Mindy Project, slays on Scream Queens, and she proved she’s an ACTOR in Selma.  We vote Niecy for president of tv, honestly.

Women! For When You “Can’t Afford” To Pay A Man

Gosh, paying employees more than the federal minimum wage sure does sting! Having to pay workers a living wage is driving some poor defenseless employers to outsource their labor to countries where folks don’t have the luxuries of ‘unions’ and ‘fairness’ like American citizens do. But what if there were a labor solution a little closer to home??

We’re so in love with this HuffPo presentation. Kristen Bell, you better WERK.

Cover Up Ladies! (But Not Too Much)

Gosh, dontcha just wish women would dress appropriately??? Women’s clothes should be pretty (but not too attractive or it’s distracting), modest (but not too covered up), nice (but not too expensive or you’re money-obsessed trash). It’s not that hard, ladies!

But seriously, thank goodness for Maddy Butler slaying the patriarchy with her sharp and hilarious sketches. Bless.


If Straight Couples Were Treated Like Gay Couples

Straight couples are so cute. With their little Subarus and their little straight weddings. They really bring diversity to a dinner party!

The ladies of Ginblo Productions imagined a world where people talked to straight couples the way they talk to gay couples, and it was highly educational. They don’t need special beverages, people.