You Gotta Watch Sarah Silverman’s New Special

You seriously have to. ‘A Speck Of Dust’ takes on mortality, poop, Trump, and the meaning of life. And that’s pretty much just one of the jokes. Get hype for it by watching Sarah’s pre-show ritual, then go home and watch it tonight with a loved one (or a blunt, whatever).

Flashback To This Jewish Christmas Classic

Ok what the frick does Santa have to do with Jesus already?!?! This and many other questions are answered in this rockin tune from the vaults about how blue it is to be a Jew on Xmas. Honestly, toys are what bring us all together. Well, toys and Sarah Silverman.

Sarah Silverman Is A Comedy Queen

Show of hands – how many of us first realized we were allowed to be funny because of Sarah Silverman? Yeah, that’s what we thought. For a lot of us the salty Jewess introduced us to the idea that we could be raunchy and silly and hilarious and not have to apologize for it. She’s controversial for sure, but she gets away with it because the woman is a damn genius when it comes to writing a joke or a song. We’ve got love for Silverman, so we made her a playlist as a lil present. And you get to enjoy it too!