Catchiest Song of the Summer: “Faces In Unlikely Places”

Have you ever looked at an electrical outlet and thought to yourself, “DAMN that looks like a face.” You aren’t alone! Funny lady Ellyse O’Halloran has made our new favorite song, “Faces In Unlikely Places.” Good luck getting this out of your head for the rest of the day (not like you’d ever want to).

In Honor Of #TBT, Here’s Jackie Koppell Singing About How Depressing 2015 Was

It’s always therapeutic to take some time and reflect on years past…unless that year is 2015 of course. Funny lady Jackie Koppell sings this amazing parody version of Adele’s “Hello” and it’s all about what a depressing year 2015 was. So many horrible stories, so little time! Also, can we talk about Jackie’s pipes? We’d legit buy this song as a single.

Move Over Everyone – Paula Has Arrived On “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”

It’s impossible to pick a favorite character in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, but Paula is hands-down one of the best. We’re dying at her anthem of freedom – it’s musical television at its finest. Donna Lynne Champlin can sing, and we’re all turning into living praise-hands emojis.