It’s Purim! Let’s Talk About Suffering.

Yes, the Jewish Halloween is nigh, and everyone’s getting geared up to put on costumes and get schicker. But if there’s one thing that every Jewish holiday incorporates, it’s forcing you to remember all the times our people suffered! So grab a couple  hamentaschen and a shot, and dance along to this MAGNIFICENT number from Crazy-Ex Girlfriend featuring Tovah Feldshuh and Patti Lu-freakin-Pone.

Let’s Dance, Bitch!

It’s even tougher waiting for Season 3 of Rick and Morty than it is waiting for the weekend to get here. But while we watch the minutes/months tick by, we’re gettin’ schwifty with this amazing jam from Allie Goertz.

Also, listen, when we say ‘bitch’ we mean it in the empowering way, not the mean way. Biiiiiiiitch.