Girl, He Is Not Your Boyfriend

Yes, it may be painful to face the fact that the person we’re hooking up with doesn’t want a relationship with us. Yes, we’d rather not acknowledge that a person we’re into refuses to be seen in the late of day with us. Does that make us crazy? Maybe a little….but also, we definitely aren’t the only ones that find ourselves in this predicament. Besties Nicole Byer and Sasheer Zamata totally understand the trials and tribulations of modern dating.

Beth Hoyt and Amy Schumer Make Us LOL So Hard We Peed A Little

We all know that couple – the one that fights so much it makes everyone involved uncomfortable. Like, seriously – can you please do that in private? It’s like a car wreck we can’t look away from and then feel guilty for being curious about. Right? Anyone? No one? Just us? K, cool!

Funny girl Beth Hoyt was on a recent episode of Inside Amy Schumer, and it was like witnessing two unicorns of comedy become BFFs.