Seriously, Go Vote

Folks, we are not kidding. Go vote. You have to. The world needs you to. We haven’t exactly been subtle about who we want you to vote for, but whatever bubbles you’re filling in in that ballot box, just friggin go do it already. Funny of Die agrees. Rachel Bloom needs you to. Mayim Bialik needs you to. Elizabeth Banks needs you to. IT’S REALLY FUCKING IMPORTANT. K love you bye.

Online Dating Takes A Village

This last season of Portlandia may be the best one yet. The jokes are as good as ever, plus they have insane cameos from some of our favorite people. Like Rachel Bloom, in this sketch about how online dating is a high tech hellscape from which we can not escape. Not even with Trevor.

A Very Silly Triangle Song

Enough politics for a minute. Let’s watch a music video about math real quick. This week’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend was so goofy and good, and we particularly liked this little Monroe-style ditty about love triangles. In typical Crazy Ex style, it takes a joke to the most insane funny extreme. It’s fun to be at the center, ladies!