Full Frontal Gets Fully Nasty

Trolls. Every outspoken woman on the internet gets targeted by them – at this point it’s just a hazard of the job. Like falling beams on a construction site, or bees on a… bee farm.

But Sam Bee deals with trolls like a damn professional bee keeper. We love her ‘Real or Fake’ segment from Full Frontal, because the way she deals with mean internet comments is truly inspiring. And also so much funnier than the commenters could ever hope to be. #ByeFelipe

Brexit? We Hardly Knew It!

Ok we have something to admit. Maybe we don’t actually understand what’s going on with the whole Brexit thing as well as we should. Phew felt good to say that out loud! Also, we can’t stop thinking about how it kind of sounds like a delicious breakfast sandwich. ????

Well as usual, Full Frontal is here to save the day. Kween Bee used the show last night to explain what happened over there, and also to fulfill some of our weird Dr. Who fan fic.

The “Formation” Dancer Auditions Beyoncé Hasn’t Seen

Hart’s latest sketch is everyone’s gravest fear: Beyoncé in the middle of a crisis. HELL. NO. But we can rest easy in our panic, for Hart is coming to Queen Bee’s rescue. Since all of Beyoncé’s dancers have mysteriously gone missing the day before the Formation Tour begins, it’s up to Hart to find the best dancers to fill in. She does not disappoint.

Samantha Bee’s #Roar, You-Go-Girl, Job Fair For Future Women. (Lean In!)

Samantha Bee is truly the queen of speaking truth.

“The economy’s on the way back, which means there’s more opportunities than ever for women to put up with sex crimes at work!” 

PREACH. Every single thing she says in this video is not only hilariously delivered, but painfully true. We are cringing, we are raising our hands in praise, and mostly we are just so thankful a badass like this exists.