Sam Bee’s Penis PSA

If we could elect Samantha Bee empress of the universe, we would. Whether she’s providing insightful commentary on global affairs, or telling dudes that their dicks are jank and busted, she’s always got some truth to tell. And she definitely lays out some truth in this helpful PSA regarding how to own a penis and not be a terrible person.

Are You Secretly In Love With Paige Weldon?

Growing up ain’t easy. You’re supposed to get your own health insurance, you’re supposed to already own a bed, you’re supposed to not look exactly like a middle schooler. Shit sucks. Fortunately for us, there are role models like Paige Weldon forging the way to adulthood. In this pretty much perfect stand-up set, Paige teaches us why we’re not allowed to have futons anymore and how to avoid looking like a hard-living preteen.

Also for more from Paige you gotta check out her album, it’s solid gold all the way through.

The Greatest Danger From The Debate…

Sure, we’re all worried about communicable diseases like Zika and West Nile Virus and like mono or whatever. But not a lot of people know about the terrible affliction you can catch just from watching the debates. Thank GAWD for Arielle Siegel and Molly Anne Coogan, who created this PSA from the CDC on the signs and symptoms of this threat to our health.