Move Over Everyone – Paula Has Arrived On “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”

It’s impossible to pick a favorite character in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, but Paula is hands-down one of the best. We’re dying at her anthem of freedom – it’s musical television at its finest. Donna Lynne Champlin can sing, and we’re all turning into living praise-hands emojis.

It’s Impossible To Pick A Favorite Moment From Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ Episode of “SNL”

Julia Louis-Dreyfus hosted the most recent episode of Saturday Night Live and as expected, she was perfection. It’s pretty impossible for us to pick a favorite sketch. Obviously, we were huge fans of her reprising her role as Seinfeld’s Elaine Benes for the cold open:

There was also this glorious gem where Julia played an emotional housewife trying to break off her affair with the socially inept pool boy:

We also still can’t get over Julia and Kate playing aliens in this bizarre sketch about a event.

Our queen did not disappoint – we’ll be obsessing over these videos for the rest of the week, thanks!